&Beyond Benguerra Island

&Beyond has done a remarkable job in the African tropics!! Benguerra is a small island in Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. This place is relaxed, casual and super exclusive in its own way. If you are looking for a secluded resort with pasta menu this is certainly not a place for you. This place is charming because it is integrated in the everyday life of local community of about 1.000 people who live on the island. You see them fishing, catching crabs on low tide, walking on the beach or going to school… They make this place so special that you can’t beat it!

Start your day with the perfect breakfast with your favorite tropical fruits watching the ocean…


The place is quite and relaxed and for most of the day you can stay alone at the beach or at your plunge pool seeing no one.


Gin&tonic against mosquitos, the rest is optional… coffee+coconut was delicious!


A few pics of the property and casinha…

IMG_8441 copyIMG_8407IMG_9864IMG_8514IMG_8898.jpgIMG_8423

The nature is amazing… don’t waist your time and explore this stunning archipelago.


Explore desert atolls…

IMG_0313 copy



and explore again…


Enjoy watching the locals fishing and catching crabs for your dinner

IMG_9239IMG_0195 copyIMG_0150IMG_0019 copy

Or just continue taking pictures, a lot of them…IMG_0092 copyIMG_9784 copy

you might be lucky to get close enough and take a good one of frightened flamingos…


The sunset finally brings the guests around the beach bar for dinner… but there is always an option for a private dinner at your favorite spot on the beach

IMG_9165 copyIMG_9168IMG_9537IMG_9183 copyIMG_8819IMG_9200 copy

IMG_8948 copyIMG_9934IMG_9212

Turndown service is a ritual!


But before going to bed loose yourself and taste these wonderful deserts!


Have you ever watched tv show Fantasy Island? This is as close as it can get!