This blog is about hotels and places that I love. It is not about all hotels and destinations that I have been to but just some of them for which I can say “can’t beat this hotel!” for one reason or another.

I am sure there are many more enthusiasts like me who like to travel  and whose travel plans are often inspired by beautiful accommodation: hotels, cabins, tents, boats, castles, houses… it doesn’t matter as long as it is for rent. Strange enough, many times this approach  helped me to see some of the most extraordinary locations that it would be difficult to discover otherwise.

Hope these places will inspire you in many ways… they made my visits memorable and special so I wanted to share some pictures and notes with you.

Finally, BRAVO TANGO HOTEL is a code name for its undisclosed author who wants to avoid self promotion by checking in some of the most desirable places on Earth.

Enjoy it, like it, share it!


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