Dreaming in Alentejo…

Casa no tiempo is much more than a luxury accommodation! This isolated house is located in Aletejo region in Portugal, close to beautiful Evora and many other lovely towns around it. There is something so extraordinary about this place, which is difficult to define. I am not sure if the house is more beautiful on daylight or moonlight, or maybe at sunset… I am not sure whether I was impressed more by the house itself or with the vast plains and cork trees surrounding it. Maybe it was the food prepared with local ingredients or was it the pool… Probably, it is the perfect balance of all of these together!


Minimalism at its best! Just white walls and huge doors as canvases for this sun drench landscape. You can’t beat that!


Swimming pool is huge and surrounded by sun burned grass… one of the most beuatiful gardens that you can imagine.


Total silence at sunset….


Light and tasteful meals are prepared by your hosts at any time you want.


Surrounding nature is spectacular!


Casa no tempo at night…