Art Arles Avignon & Beyond

In summer 2015 I was in France again. This time, we stayed at L’Hotel Particulier in Arles. A beautiful small hotel in the center of Arles. The hotel was our base camp to explore Provence: Arles, Avignon, Gorde, Aix, Marseille and other smaller towns with its impressive museums, collections, restaurants and more… This hotel is was our calm oasis..




We loved everything about this hotel, from the atmosphere, interiors, the garden, scents… but what impressed me the most was the breakfast – so tasty and so well presented.


From many museums we have visited that summer, there are 2 of them which are definitely the most impressive:  Collection Lambert in Avignon and Fondation Vasarely in Aix.




Finally, if I have to pick up one restaurant from many of them that we visited that summer, I would definitely reccommend La Mirande in Avignon just outside of the Papal Palace.


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