Let’s go Primitivo in Matera…

Baroque opulence of Lecce +


Causal and white Ostuni ++


and finally Matera – so different from anything you have seen before …

We crossed Adriatic sea on a ferry from Dubrovnik in Croatia to Bari in the south of Italy. The plan was to visit a few nice places in Puglia and Basilicata regions which are all relatively close to each other. Our choice were Lecce and Ostuni which are both beautiful in its own way and then finally Matera – one of those places that you do not know anything about it before you get there and then it leaves you speechless, happy and relaxed. I am grateful to Sextantio hotel to have inspired me to visit this extraordinary town.


Sextantio is not a “regular” hotel by any means… Rooms are basically caves with all the comfort and atmosphere that such a unique place can offer. Everything in the room has been carefully selected to look simple, authentic and natural but not grunge: linen, decoration, soap, furniture…




Breakfast was delicious! Again, simple, organic, local food served on the white ceramic plates. This place is definitely an outstanding example how a modern hotel facility should be seemlessly integrated in this UNESCO Word Heritage Site and still provide all the excitement and comfort without being too literal.



I almost forgot to mention that in Ostuni we stayed at La Sommita hotel, which I higly recommend – including its Cielo restaurant.