White Wedding in Puglia

This is the story about Masseria Potenti and our love on first sight … This place is a tribute to nature and traditions of Puglia. It is elegant, white, airy and yet so traditional, rough and simple. The best of both worlds!


The property is located in Puglia, close to fascinating small towns of Grottaglie, Lecce and Ostuni but at the same time so secluded and remote  in the middle of endless olive groves, vineyards of primitivo and orchards.

Wait for the cloud of white dust to settle down before stepping out from your car… Enter the main gate of the Masseria’s courtyard and enjoy one of the best examples of conteporary interior design and traditional hospitality.


Masseria has its spiritus movens. Her name is Maria Grazia. Her world is about ceramics, wild flowers, a lot of white, a little bit of old and a little bit of new, and a little bit of everything… but above all: Maria Grazia is having fun in her Masseria with endless improvisations in the rooms, terraces, tables, food, guests… it’s an ongoing process that never stops.


Masseria is about open white spaces, white linens, huge agavas and cactus trees know here as Fichi d’india… Delicate notes of jasmine flowers and citruses and one bouganiville to match.


Rooms are hidden from the merciless apulian sun. They look like stylish monks cells with beautiful embroidered white linens, with gentle smell of fresh flowers and many more small things that Maria Grazia felt to do that morning.


Finally, here is the food: simple, genuine italian food served on grottaglie ceramics on the terrace or inside the main building with its massive barrel vault ceiling.





If you like what you see here than it’s time to start planning your white wedding in Masseria Potenti. Seriously.

Masseria we love you!