Ett Hem: Feel at Home in Stockholm

Winter is not the best time to visit Stockholm. The weather and the wind can be harsh but that’s a good excuse for some of us to check-in in shops, bars and restaurants that this fantastic city has to offer. One hotel though has a special status among them – it is ETT HEM. There has been a lot of publicity about this hotel since it was opened a few years ago and it is still referred to as one of the leading hotels in the world. Reason: It must be about the people that are running this successful story because I don’t believe in a PR expert or interior designer that call help you after a while… Indeed, it seems that each person working in this hotel has been trained to be a concierge: receptionists, waiters, cooks they all mingle with guests and try to make you feel part of the family. And no – they are never intrusive.

As a hotel, Ett Hem has embraced (or created?) all trends that we now see in hospitality industry: casual atmosphere, homey feel, functional and nice design, great attention to detail and use of the top quality products. Well, enjoy these few pics and see what I mean…

Reception and entrance salon:


Our room by day:


Breakfast as you like but with a few suggestions – kitchen or veranda are the most sought after by the guests:



Room details – unusual combinations of art, amenities, furniture and objects create a very sophisticated ambiance:


Grand salon in the afternoon with honesty bar:


If you are staying in Stockholm over a week-end, you should try Oaxen for Sunday branch and amazing interiors:




Finally, for a best dinner experience try Ekstedt with its open fire menu or smoked through a chimney…


Night feel at the hotel:




I wish there were more places like this!