Red fantasia in Paris: Les Bains and Anish Kapoor

With the opening of Hotel Les Bains in Marais area, Paris has finally received an important addition to its hotel scene which is dominated by traditional grand hotels on one side and many more average, boring and depressive tourist places, on the other. Les Bains could be added to the list of new breed of hotels that are popping up around the globe for the past few years such as The Cotton House in Barcelona, Ett Hem in Stockholm, Soho House in Berlin, or even Londons’ Edition, to name a few. They provide a totally different perspective of luxury -they are redefining the concept of luxury, which is reflected in unique spaces, small details, homey atmosphere, carefully selected art, furniture, graphics and visuals, amenities, music, etc. Les Bains is a piece of art which you can admire in every detail.

After all Les Bains was the oldest bath house in Paris and then in the late 70-ties it became the most famous club in town – a centre of gravity of the creative world, art, fashion and show biz. The interiors of the new hotel are keeping up with the fame of the place – they are glam, chic and artistic as its bold red roof coming down like honey in the La Salle-à-Manger. On the same day when we arrived to this red fantasia, we discovered yet another fantasia in the gardens of the Château de Versailles with Anish Kapoor and his exhibition.

You have to agree by seeing these pics: The very controlled landscape of Versailles is drawn into instability. The grounds become uncertain and moving. A truly memorable sight…


Meanwhile in the hotel, Bacchus’ watchful eye is everywhere…

Room was spacious with retro vibe and with balcony! The bathroom was for superstars with Le Labo toiletries and two fragrances of old french eau de cologne… just to mention a few perks.


It was past midnight when we left Versailles and went back to our hotel. The lobby and the restaurant were now ready for clubbing in the same red tone that we left while visiting “intestines” of Kapoors’ Sectional Body preparing for Monadic Singularity…

Kapoor is not in Versailles anymore but a late night stroll in the gardens is still a unique experience that you can always do and no doubt that you will be overwhelmed with the grandeur of the sight. Vive la France!